Finca Prats Hotel Golf & Spa

Visit the surrounding cellars

Visit the surrounding cellars

Wine lover, come and discover an entire World of flavours where you will be able to visit the O. D. Costers del Segre wine cellar and, if that it is not enough for you, you may also visit the O.D. Somontano and savour the wine culture in all its splendour. Clime and geology give a different taste and colour to the wines from this specific region.

Our hotel is surrounded by more than 20 wineries with its singular architecture, a reason more to enjoy an outstanding experience that will transform your stay in a cultural journey.

Guided wine tasting

Guided wine tasting

Have you always desired to discover what tannins are? How can you differentiate the different wine colours? What is a fruity wine? This is the moment to learn about wine tasting.

Learn about all the secrets that expert winemakers from the area will show about this drink. It is the perfect moment to discover all about the DNA of the wine varieties from the area: red, white or rosé. Each wine will explain you its history and background.

Wine tasting dinner

Wine tasting dinner in the Finca’s Cellar

A special celebration. A unique space. Our gastronomy together with the wine and an intimate atmosphere will transform this moment in one of the best opportunities to discover the wine tasting art. A mixture of flavours and colours in one of the most in one of our best-hidden gem.

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